Let's get physical 何て訳す?2019年01月27日 11:09

 昨日、駅前でphysicalという古い曲が流れていた。オリビア・ニュートン・ジョンの世界的ヒット。大体の歌詞は、「行きつけのレストランにも連れて行った。意味ありげな映画も見た。もうこれ以上話すことはない。Let's get physical」というような感じ。
 で、オリビアが来日した時、歌番組で字幕が出てくるので、ある友人がLet's get physicalという直接的な表現をどう訳すのだろうかと待ち構えていたら、「さあ、みんなで健康になりましょう」と出たので、のけぞったと。当時のテレビはおふざけがあまりないので、マジだろうかと。


But I think for me, like, I get why people would be upset about it. The person that, like, drew that, I'm not really sure, but I think he was the creator of Prince of Tennis. I feel like you would have to do research on it, like, to see if he's ever done things like this before.

I mean, to be honest, I haven't really paid too much attention to this. This is sort of the first time that anyone's asking me questions. I don't really want to say anything wrong at this point. I feel like I should do my research before I answer, if that's okay.